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Find insights, resources and perspectives for medical practices, hospitals and health systems seeking to gain momentum on key initiatives.

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A library of curated content and tools for financial success

Knowledge is invaluable for today’s health care leader, where many financial decisions have a significant impact. Information is critical.

Featured content and trending topics

A collection of industry voices

Experts dive into the five priorities for strong financials.

A fresh perspective

A Q&A on workforce optimization and the Great Resignation.

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HouseCalls Program

Helping support the continuity of care.

Optum Virtual Care Employer Contact Us

Optum Virtual Care Employer Contact Us

Thrive or crumble: Partnerships are a new area of growth

Read the article from Nick Howell and Chris Pass to learn the successes and lessons of the partnership between John Muir Health and Optum.

"No regret" IT investments for health systems

Learn which tech investments can benefit providers most today.

Grow with physician and consumer-driven insights

Support your hospital’s volume and revenue growth goals

Read a report about claims payments opportunities.

Thinking about going paperless for claims payments? We commissioned a study of senior health plan executives to hear what’s on their minds.

Inflammatory conditions: Trends, pipeline, management strategies

Hear leaders discuss trends for inflammatory conditions and gain insights on how the market is changing with a deep dive on pipeline, biosimilars, and care management strategies.

Sustainability through partnership

See how Boulder Community Health partnered with Optum to continue to successfully fund its mission.

2022 Analytics and AI survey from Advisory Board Research

ABR surveyed 250 strategy and analytics leaders.

Partnering for employee growth and retention

Explore how Boulder Community Health partnered with Optum to continue elevating its most critical component of success — its workforce.

Will these 4 new drugs re-shape the market?

Get the latest in this quarter’s Drug Pipeline Insights Report.

Social determinants of health

Completing the health data picture

Four myths: Carving out specialty pharmacy

Integrating specialty pharmacy means better care, lower costs.

Drug pricing spotlight: Wound care

Combat against brand name products costing 125 times more.

Inform your employee wellbeing strategy

Global employers share insights into health and wellbeing strategy and programme impact.

Smart formulary management

Developing and managing formularies that bring clinical and financial value

Gaining maximum benefit from your revenue cycle strategy

Learn how innovation can help you achieve financial resiliency and stay competitive in today’s market.

Case study: 5/5 satisfaction on implementation

OptumRx earns 100% implementation score from City of Toledo

Indiana HHS values insightful analytics

Optum helps improve program outcomes and cost control.

A System-Wide Look at Improving Specialty Care

Condition-specific clinical expertise and capabilities necessary for managing complex diseases

Sleep treatment across the ages

Combining real-world data and primary research helps us better understand insomnia.

Optum Dynamic Assessment of Pregnancies and Infants

Assess the impact of medication use during pregnancy and the impact on infant health.

Executive Briefing Series: Military Health

Discover the far-reaching impacts of successful medical digital delivery.

Data Governance Enables Indiana’s Rapid Response to COVID-19

See how the Hoosier state uses data governance and self-service analytics to monitor, prioritize and quickly respond to COVID-19.

Real-world data fills rare disease data gaps

Data removes the barriers to understanding rare disease.

Develop your growth strategy

Our research has uncovered four main reasons today’s planning executives struggle to find the right data to make the best decisions.

Creating connections through partnerships

Hear from an Optum Rx client on how we're partnering together for everyone we serve.

Optum Evidence Engine

Optum Evidence Engine unlocks the power of personalized, precision health care to help advance disease detection and treatment.

Expanding access to treatment

Find treatment pathways for opioid use disorder.

Case Study: Advanced Pharmacy Audit Services

How a health plan saved more than $1 million

How will you get to interoperability?

Watch the 10-minute demo to see how Optum Interoperability and Patient Access Services can help your state comply with CmS's final rule

Opening the digital doors to all consumers

A strategy guide for expanding access and health equity.

Evolving clinical trials from paper to digital

Accelerate research through a digitized model.

Dynamic Assessment Of Pregnancies And Infants

We help answer questions about maternal and infant health.

Excela Health & Optum partner for employee retention

In this video, learn how Excela Health and Optum are investing in mission-critical initiatives while also avoiding job eliminations.

Five Things to Know About Every Health Care Consumer

Engage with consumers in meaningful ways as COVID-19 evolves.

Accelerating a future where health care is closer to home

This new era goes beyond the walls of a clinic thanks to advances in digital health tools and approaches.

Data’s powerful influence on hospital growth

A digital health transformation is shaping data trends and shifting the way organizations seek and use information.

Optum Epidemiology Overview

Watch the video.

Delivering Value-Based Care for Veterans Affairs & DOD | Optum

Best practices to help transition to value-based care.

Clinicians in 2030

Optum CNO Kristy Duffey talks with NEJM Catalyst about health care workforce trends and the changes coming to care delivery.

Modernizing Health Care: Joan's Journey | Optum

The health care system is built on positive intent, but it’s too complex. Joan’s journey illustrates how we’re creating something different.

Curious case of costly complications

How can analytics help tell your cost and outcomes story?

States Serve Members Holistically

States Serve Members Holistically

Spotlight report: Landmark Health

An innovative in-home care model extends quality of life while lowering costs for polychronic patients

3 ways CRISPR will change the drug world

Pharmaceutical industry finding novel uses for gene editing tools

Assess drug performance with the power of integrated data

Inform research and commercial strategy with data insights.

Health care network planning & optimization success

Learn how leaders can use data and analytics to make informed decisions on their network and drive actionable conversations with providers.

Smartsourcing healthcare: A perspective

Optum360 shares an e-book on how provider partnerships can help accelerate growth and financial performance as an alternative to traditional models.

Consumer beliefs driving health care growth and retention

Understand the impact of consumer beliefs on everything from growth and clinical outcomes to patient acquisition and satisfaction.

Connecting the dots: Data-driven transformation

Connecting the Dots: Data-driven Transformation | Optum

Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines for DoD and VA

Improve continuity of care by reducing variation in practice for service members transitioning to Veteran status.

Optum COVID-19 Data Quality Services

Improve the accuracy of COVID-19 data to help reopen communities.

Basset Healthcare partnering insights

Tommy Ibrahim, MD, CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network, shares insights on reinventing a health system for success.

Clinicogenomics: The next big leap in real-world data

Optum clinical genomics is positioned to shape a new generation of evidence that accelerates understanding of disease.

Trends hospital revenue cycles

Key trends in hospital revenue cycle performance

Realizing the full potential of clinicogenomics

Join Optum genomics experts as they discuss the progress being made to develop datasets that will aid in drug discovery and development.

Testimonial: Overturning concurrent denials

See how one client strengthened its utilization review.

Subscribe to the Weekly Briefing

Get strategic perspectives for C-suite leaders to help guide the health system forward.

The Curious Case of the Costly Complication

Optum helps a client prove product effectiveness

Smartsourcing healthcare: A perspective excerpt

Optum offers a complimentary excerpt of Smartsourcing Healthcare for practical insights on how to accelerate growth and financial performance.

Data governance propels COVID-19 response

A timely upgrade helped Indiana be better prepared for the pandemic

Case study: Surgical Management Solutions

In-depth analytics combined with patient/provider advocacy recovers millions in savings for common surgical procedures

Managing the rise of people with multiple chronic conditions

Predicting who will develop multiple chronic conditions (MCCs) and intervening early is critical to better care and lower costs

Developing a successful network strategy

Grow business and generate revenue with network planning.

Addressing commercial denials with a clinical perspective

Gain financial integrity and deliver quality care.

A model market-performance partnership

John Muir Health and Optum partner to advance quality of care.

Clinicogenomics: new, linked data is advancing research

Rich, longitudinal clinicogenomics data can fuel all stages of drug development.

Everest Group Recognizes Optum as a Leader

The 2021 PEAK Matrix report maps the RCM Business Process Services market.

Leading out of crisis

Lessons learned in remaining resilient

4 marketing questions health care leaders should ask

Learn the four essential data-centric marketing questions every health care leader should ask.

Optum Patient Profiles For Life Sciences Video

A more complete view of the patient experience

Maximize Clinical Trial Enrollment

Use clinical and claims data to conduct precision patient finding.

Modernize your revenue cycle workforce

New staffing challenges require new approaches.

Forward-thinking strategies for 2022

Explore this video series featuring insights for Life Sciences leaders, delivered by experts from across health care.

John Muir Health & Optum: A Model IT Performance Partnership

Learn how John Muir Health advanced patient care through rapid IT integration, modernization and optimization.

5 keys to digital health care transformation

Transform operations, better manage business processes and improve outcomes.

Everest Group recognizes Optum as Leader

optum analytics leader everest

Veterans Benefits Administration

They honored their commitment. It's time to honor ours.

John Muir Health Clinical Operations Video

See how John Muir partnered with Optum to enable a seamless consumer experience.

Market Performance Partnership: John Muir Health & Optum

Our integrated partnership model provides meaningful and measurable results.

Optum middle revenue cycle solutions

Our solutions work together to help patients like Joe.

Leveraging Virtual Care Management During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Learn strategies to manage the rapid influx of patients.

Newest regulations impacting pharmacy

View the recent activity at both the state and federal level.

Patient-centered growth for your organization

Read how to expand your reach through consumer marketing.

The Physician Liaison Outreach Playbook

The Optum Physician Liaison Outreach Playbook gives physician liaisons best practices, tools and templates for effective physician relationship-building.

SNFs Improve Care & Business Outcomes for Facilities

The Optum Care Model Helps SNFs Meet Strategic Goals

Understanding Market Shifts

Optum expertise provides competitive insights.

Learning Network Annual Member Meeting 2021

Monday, September 20, 2021; 1 p.m. CT

Realize agility through a modern digital infrastructure

A Q&A on digital innovation and how it can help organizations deliver on business and patient care goals

John Muir Health Partnership Insights

Learn how to lean into a partnership and determine the most important things to your organization and how to achieve them.

Opioids: Managing Costs By Managing Risk

Costs associated with abuse have increased dramatically.

Accelerate Performance & Deliver Value for Community Health

John Muir Health and Optum boost local health and wellness.

Connect with Optum at MESC 2021 in Boston, Aug. 9-12

Get a demo of the technologies that enable better health care outcomes, attend our informative speaker sessions and take part in a charitable giving activity.

Optum Provider Services Master Agreement

Optum delivers provider management through NASPO ValuePoint.

Solutions to the maternal care crisis are coming into focus

Solutions to the maternal care crisis are coming into focus

Five Insights to Manage Hospital Administrative Costs

In this Optum article, futurist Tom Koulopolous and John Muir Health's Chris Pass share five strategies to manage administrative costs and improve performance.

Military & Veteran Health Care Journey: Infographic

Delivering and managing health care at key phases of life for Military Service Members and Veterans.

Case Study Insights from Patient Journey Mapping

Tracking the health care experience informs decision-making.

State of Healthcare Technology

Explore disruptive technologies transforming the industry.

"Health plan executives look forward" study and more

Explore top challenges and priorities for health plan leaders as they navigate unprecedented change.

Bassett Healthcare Network and Optum - An Ideal Relationship

Learn how Bassett Healthcare and Optum launched a strategic relationship to advance quality care through IT integration, analytics and revenue cycle management

Center for Health Equity - The Lewin Group, Part of Optum Serve

See how we help public and private health care leaders, policy makers and researchers support equitable individual and community health.

The patient clinical experience

Why we need to start talking about this.

The American Rescue Plan and public health

ARP is an opportunity for state governments to improve public health through investment, infrastructure and innovation.

Addressing health inequities to improve outcomes for all

CMOs play an important role in creating a safe, equitable health system.

Pinpoint asthma, COPD and ACOS with EHR data

Optum study highlights clinical clues in asthma and COPD.

Navigating Forward: C-suite check-in — Research findings state of health care

Find out what 161 C-suite health care leaders think about how COVID-19 has changed the industry — and where we still must make progress.

Impact member care with in-home assessments

Download the infographic to learn more about how in-home assessments can uniquely impact SDOH.

Star ratings are important to Medicare Plans

Learn how health plans can improve Star ratings through high-touch strategies.

Insights on improved care through technology and scale

John Muir Health shares how the organization uses technology to reach those in need of health care services.

Optum Care Model & UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan

Support residents living in a senior living community.

Meeting consumers on their terms

Learn how relationships between consumers and health organizations are transforming.

Reimagining Quit Services for the Future webinar

Create a focused approach to tobacco cessation.

Improved Arkansas Medicaid Outcomes

Helping Arkansas improve Medicaid outcomes, reduce costs.

Take Bold Action & Maximize Impact

Take Bold Action & Maximize Impact

10 provider growth strategies to advance your mission

Read the webinar recap of the Top 10 Factors to Consider When Developing Your Growth Strategy.

Using Health Data to Predict the Next Wave of COVID-19

By definition, a pandemic is a new disease outbreak. How do you predict its path without any historical data to rely on?

Optum Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) video

Advanced practice clinicians give personal care

COVID-19 Area Vulnerability Index

Prioritize resources and optimize care to fight COVID-19.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | OptumServe

We utilize RPA to advance federal government programs.

Self- service health care scheduling

Manage health care appointments with ease.

Address the challenge of Innovation

Ideation Hubs: Address the challenge of Innovation | Optum

Taking the Blinders Off Cancer Through Immunotherapy

Webinar: Taking the Blinders Off Cancer Through Immunotherapy

Reserve Health Readiness Program

Customized health care solutions for the DoD.

How AdventHealth leverages precision marketing

Optum Forum 2021: Regional One Health

Case Advisor contributes to utilization review success.

Improving Patient Access and Your Bottom Line

Helping physician groups solve for total patient engagement.

Population Health in the Digital Age

Introducing population health technology of the future

Your roadmap for driving growth

Use data and analytics to form your business development roadmap.

Reimagining health care through a transformative partnership

Listen to leaders from John Muir Health and OptumInsight.

Leveraging Technology in Quit Services for Tobacco Cessation

Technology, tobacco products and who uses tobacco are changing, and Optum Quit Services are evolving to meet those changes.

Physician Outreach Toolkit

Scripting worksheets and template guide.

Home infusion: Health care’s new normal

See how home infusion can help improve outcomes and safety.

Real Talk on Real-World Evidence: Practical Applications in 2021

Virtual fireside chat with Advisory Board and Optum Life Sciences leaders explores the expanded use and next wave of RWE applications

When a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Becomes a Health Plan

This white paper addresses the challenges of launching a provider-owned ISNP.

Self-Direction for State & Local I/DD Programs

This content is presented by Optum and the Spark Initiative.

Applying robotic process automation (RPA) for compliance

See how RPA helped saved 9,465 hours and $950,000 over five years in our client use case example.

New Data Dimensions In Life Sciences Research

Expanded research methods can address cost at the root level.

The Optum care model in your community

Deliver specialized health care benefits to your residents

Benefits of the Optum care model

Learn five fast facts assisted living communities should know.

Making health screenings more convenient

Making health screenings more convenient

Bassett Healthcare Network Blazes a Bold Path Forward with Optum

Bassett Healthcare Network Blazes a Bold Path Forward with Optum

Explore five priorities to improve financial performance

Explore five priorities to improve financial performance

Targeted care and lower cost: How one state achieved both

One state achieved both in delivering home health services.

Case study: Provider performance analytics

Case study: Provider performance analytics

True interoperability adds value

Act on trends, enhance care coordination and much more.

Demonstrating product value with integrated data

A special webinar hosted by MM&M demonstrates how integrated EHR and claims data offers a new foundation for demonstrating product value.

Controlling the unprecedented costs of gene therapies

See how you can leverage cost benefits from gene therapy.

Hemophilia: Extremely rare, extremely expensive

Better management strategies and new treatments emerge

Managing diabetes gains an 8:1 return on investment

Learn how a third-party administrator’s client improved health outcomes and lowered costs.

How to eliminate prescription waste

Achieve savings by targeting expensive, low-value drugs.

Optum Rx customer obsession video

How one Optum Rx employee made the system work better for everyone

How to manage medication overload

Hear from a leader's perspective on how to manage polypharmacy.

Webinar: Slowing the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

Explore insights into better care management and cost reduction.

Don't Pay 5000% More for Commonly Available Generic Drugs

This widespread practice costs plans millions.

Will Diabetes Drugs Help Us Tackle Obesity?

Discover four things to know about new uses of GLP-1 drugs.

How a client avoided $109M in pharmacy costs

View the Optum Rx Drug Pipeline Insights Report for 2022.

Inform your health and well-being strategy

Inform your health and well-being strategy.

A new approach to rising specialty costs

See how contracting with medical providers can reduce drug costs

High-cost gene therapies

A comprehensive approach to the next generation of cures

The big picture on cancer

How high cost oncology drugs are changing specialty pharmacy.

Specialty drug prices giving you sticker shock?

See how Specialty Compass defuses exploding drug costs.

5 questions: Optum Rx chief pharmacy officer

Michael Einodshofer addresses the risks, challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

The dangers of polypharmacy

Millions of workers at risk due to overprescribed drugs

Industry trend to watch: Eczema

New treatment options could mean bigger costs.

4 steps to limit infusion drug costs

Specialty drugs account for over half of all drug spending

Making sense of copay cards

How copay cards can disrupt your benefit strategy

Rush to judgement?

An inside look at the FDA's prescription drug approval process.

A young patient’s hemophilia story

See how OptumRx helped change a patient’s life.

Financing your EHR- Electronic Health Records

Health care leaders can forge new paths with EHR systems.

Becoming financially resilient after COVID-19

We surveyed 105 hospital leaders on their strategies for achieving stronger financial health.

Patient-generated health data and the IoT

New wave of connected devices enables continuous care

Personalized care: Focusing on the member

Hear from Optum Rx chief of operations, Jon Mahrt

Driving Hospital and Health System Growth strategy

Explore a collection of best practices for health systems.

Enterprise IT strategies with HIMSS and Optum

Scott Gaydos of Optum shares how enterprise IT strategies provide numerous opportunities to improve and transform health care.

Human Centered Design in Health Care

This Optum white paper shows how human-centered design builds technology and programs that are easy and intuitive for consumers to use.

Automation Drives Success for Health Systems

Discover innovative strategies to improve financial health.

Health Care Interoperability Solutions

Optum Interoperability and Patient Access Services can help your state comply with CMS' final rule. View our overview video to find out how.

Four steps to an enterprise data strategy

Explore the steps for creating a real-world data strategy that helps life sciences companies to maximize their data investments.

Is Your Real-World Data Research Ready?

Real-world data can help evaluate the effectiveness of medications and therapies, which is why evaluation should be part of the investment.

Health Equity & Women's Health

Create meaningful change for the women in your workforce.

Clinical and claims data: A powerful combination

Get a snapshot of the pros/cons of clinical and claims data.

Improve Women's Health with Community-Based Solutions

Improve Women's Health with Community-Based Solutions | Optum

Optum Health Care Interoperability & Patient Access Services

Our solution is fully developed and ready right now to help your state meet compliance.

Gratitude for Heroism

Optum Serve is proud to recognize female Service Members and Veterans.

Electronic Health Records(EHR) Implement and Operate

Maximize your EHR investment through partnership.

How the pandemic has changed pharmacy care

Learn how COVID-19 has accelerated the rise of home and virtual care.

Reducing disparities in care and outcomes

Achieving health equity is a community-wide effort.

Redirecting Specialty Infusion Costs by Redirecting Site of Care

See how you can lower your plan costs by up to 52%.

The new model of personalized care

Predictive analytics improves user experience and outcomes.

Taking the pain out of prior authorization

How we are revamping the prescribing process

Whistleblowers: The hidden auditors within your organization

Dr. Kurt Hopfensperger discusses the laws and impact of whistleblowers, and offers hospitals tips to protect themselves.

Shipping sensitive medications

See how medications are protected in transit.

Rare diseases, large costs

The rise in orphan drugs is offering hope

Digital scheduling at a rural health system

Learn how a rural health system achieved an ideal patient experience and increased bookings with digital scheduling.

6 growth trends for patient-centric health care

Learn strategies you can use to differentiate your health system from your competitors.

Slowing the specialty pharmacy carve-out stampede

Study reveals costs for unrecognized kidney disease

Health leaders share IT transformation stories

Hear John Muir Health and Bassett Health’s observations on digital transformation, modernizing infrastructure and strategic automation.

Gene therapy: Big potential, big prices

New strategies needed as revolutionary but costly therapies emerge.

Webinar: Trends and challenges in telehealth

Explore new ways of doing business that allow you to meet shifting customer expectations, workforce challenges and emerging business goals.

Using Your EHR to Accelerate Digital Health

Explore how a thoughtful approach to EHR can impact the health care digital journey and help an organization achieve its business goals.

Digital Front Door Strategy Improves Patient Experience

Discover how a digital patient engagement strategy can provide easier access, reduce cancellations, and enhance front-end collections.

Case study: Strategic formulary changes

How a third-party administrator helped clients save $6.49 PMPM.

The Health Equity Alignment Solution (HEALS)

HEALS is a data analytics solution that highlights where and how inequities occur within a community, state or a health plan’s member population.

Priority Identification Vaccine Operating Tool (PIVOT)

PIVOT provides the data analytics and visualization needed to optimize planning, administration and monitoring of vaccines.

4 more psoriasis drugs on the way

Psoriasis costs up 40% in 5 years. Will these drugs help?

Reinventing a health system for success

Learn about the Bassett Healthcare and Optum partnership.

Cost optimization strategies to restore financial health

Watch the webinar for insights on disruptive market forces, the health care economy, cost-management efforts and managing operating costs.

How to control drug costs without compromising care

Explore three principles driving better pharmacy benefit decisions.

Vaccine Outreach - Implementing Community Engagement (VOICE)

VOICE addresses vaccine hesitancy in at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Strategic Growth for Health Systems

This webinar covers topics surrounding disruptive market forces, workforce strategy, competitors growing within the industry and finance.

Driving a frictionless digital patient experience

Watch the webinar to learn how to reduce friction points impacting the digital journey and preventing patients from getting in the door.

Cost optimization strategies to restore financial health

Watch the webinar for insights on disruptive market forces, the health care economy, cost-management efforts and managing operating costs.

Who are the patients in your market?

Get a complimentary custom market assessment to identify high-value patients and vulnerable populations to build meaningful engagements.

Emerging technologies in underwriting

Listen to the on-demand webinar from Becker Healthcare in partnership with Bill Dimmock, VP of Advisory Services at Optum.

Biosimilars to save billions in this decade

Prices for popular brand-name biologics drop up to 60% with generic-equivalent biosimilars.

Clinical intelligence: The smartest revenue cycle investment

Our white paper shows how investing in smart technologies supports the revenue cycle from patient registration through full reimbursement.

Health system boosts reach with payer channel scheduling

St. Luke’s Health dramatically increased volumes and decreased costly no shows with Optum digital scheduling. Learn how your system can, too.

Leverage AI-powered CDI and coding

CDI programs are expanding to support risk adjustment initiatives. Integrated CDI technologies are needed to support revenue and integrity.

Volume 2: Revenue performance for better financial health

Read the white paper for strategies on achieving proper levels of reimbursement, writing off bad debt, and expanding into new service areas.

Trends and perspectives for health plans

Driving toward the same things for our health care system — better quality, lower cost, and higher consumer and provider satisfaction.

Strengthening nursing home partnerships during COVID-19

Optum and Saber worked together to ease the COVID-19 burden.

Open for Business: Is It Best to Test for COVID-19?

In this Optum webinar, learn how COVID-19 testing can help maintain employee health in the workplace. Get resources for your return-to-worksite strategy.

Leverage Care Coordination in Response to COVID-19

Learn how one organization implemented care coordination to improve education, management and tracking of the pandemic in their facility.

'No regret' IT investments health leaders should prioritize

Optum experts share their top three "no regret" IT investment areas that every health care leader should be prioritizing.

5 steps to keep residents in your community longer

Give residents the care and the independence they desire.

Executive series: Health Care Workforce Crisis

Get strategy, insight and resources to create an enterprise-wide health care workforce strategy.