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Content, tools and research for financial success

Knowledge is invaluable for today’s health care leader, where many financial decisions have a significant impact. Information is critical.

Transforming the future of health care

Workforce optimization

Review a Q&A about workforce trends, obstacles and solutions.

Have biosimilars arrived?

Six questions and answers reveal insights about the current market.

3 reasons for telemedicine’s success

Learn about the recent growth in telemedicine.

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Social inequities effect on patient and provider

As clinicians and caregivers to our patients, we bear witness to the inequity of health care. Dr. Oreggio shares experience and advice on opening doors to equal care.

Research revolution: Optum Labs

Optum Labs is launching a study for a COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment. Through the power of data, every patient will receive the treatment. This approach gives quick results for practical problems.

Mobile clinic brings care to the community

Southwest Medical bridges the access gap with their mobile clinic by meeting patients where they are.

When to refer: PCP guide to Pap exams

Pap smears and HPV immunizations have become fundamental elements of preventive care for women.

The WellMed Bridges palliative care program

Patients with serious illness should not have to choose between curative and palliative treatment. That is the theory behind the WellMed Bridges program.

Telemental health visits: Are they effective?

A surprising change happened when a behavioral health department rapidly transitioned to telemental health during COVID-19.

Kidney Disease Care: A Comprehensive Approach

Find out how an integrated approach produces better outcomes for renal disease — a common, complex and costly condition.

Specialty Pharmacy 101

Specialty pharmacies deliver high-touch services to help patients stay adherent to treatment plans and live healthier lives.

New diabetes medication recommender app

Our user-centric tool helps prescribers keep up with American Diabetes Association (ADA) medication recommendations.

Care of the clinician

A 2017 JAMA study showed that 45% of doctors feel at least one symptom of burnout.

Actualizing high-quality coordinated cancer care

The recently launched Cancer Center in Las Vegas incorporates IOM recommendations, delivering high-quality cancer care for better patient outcomes.

How to help patients prevent long-term cognitive complications

Despite the complexity of concussion, primary care providers are in a unique position to give life-altering advice to their patients.

Digital medicine that delights

Dr. Sonia Samagh from the Center for Digital Health is hard at work bringing the many digital tools available into an environment that becomes our “way of being” rather than another tool in the toolkit.

Building resilience: Mental health lessons from COVID-19

COVID-19 has negatively affected many people's mental health, but will anything good come out of it?

Opioid prescribing in family practice

In the enormity of the opioid epidemic, family practice providers may feel lost.

Antiracism and inclusion

Optum saw the value in a project for a community cohort, Leadership for Racial Equity, and quickly worked to create a national strategy.

Thrive or crumble: Partnerships are a new area of growth

Read the article from Nick Howell and Chris Pass to learn the successes and lessons of the partnership between John Muir Health and Optum.

"No regret" IT investments for health systems

Learn which tech investments can benefit providers most today.

Sustainability through partnership

See how Boulder Community Health partnered with Optum to continue to successfully fund its mission.

2022 Analytics and AI survey from Advisory Board Research

ABR surveyed 250 strategy and analytics leaders.

Partnering for employee growth and retention

Explore how Boulder Community Health partnered with Optum to continue elevating its most critical component of success — its workforce.

Gaining maximum benefit from your revenue cycle strategy

Learn how innovation can help you achieve financial resiliency and stay competitive in today’s market.

A System-Wide Look at Improving Specialty Care

Condition-specific clinical expertise and capabilities necessary for managing complex diseases

Sleep treatment across the ages

Combining real-world data and primary research helps us better understand insomnia.

Optum Dynamic Assessment of Pregnancies and Infants

Assess the impact of medication use during pregnancy and the impact on infant health.

Value Transformation at Keck Medicine of USC

Value Transformation at Keck Medicine of USC

A practical solution for managing diabetes

Addressing the needs of all diabetic members

Case Study: UMass utilizes analytics to improve adult immunizations

Population health analytics drive UMass participation in the AMGA AI Collaborative

Using Risk Analytic

Using Risk Analytics to Improve Financial Health

How value-based care became vital for survival

Article for C-suite leaders to learn how value-based care became vital for survival and whether accelerating their move to value will help their organization thrive in today’s environment.

Dynamic Assessment Of Pregnancies And Infants

We help answer questions about maternal and infant health.

Walk in their shoes

Learn how real cancer patient and provider experiences drive care navigation decisions.

Improving UR effectiveness with Case Advisor

Improving UR effectiveness with Case Advisor

Transforming Analytics at Boulder Community Health

Learn how Boulder Community Health is using analytics to make decisions, improve care management and drive growth.

Modernizing Health Care: Joan's Journey | Optum

The health care system is built on positive intent, but it’s too complex. Joan’s journey illustrates how we’re creating something different.

Spotlight report: Landmark Health

An innovative in-home care model extends quality of life while lowering costs for polychronic patients

Health care network planning & optimization success

Learn how leaders can use data and analytics to make informed decisions on their network and drive actionable conversations with providers.

Trends hospital revenue cycles

Key trends in hospital revenue cycle performance

Managing the rise of people with multiple chronic conditions

Predicting who will develop multiple chronic conditions (MCCs) and intervening early is critical to better care and lower costs

Clinicogenomics: new, linked data is advancing research

Rich, longitudinal clinicogenomics data can fuel all stages of drug development.

Everest Group Recognizes Optum as a Leader

The 2021 PEAK Matrix report maps the RCM Business Process Services market.

Everest Group recognizes Optum as Leader

optum analytics leader everest

John Muir Health Clinical Operations Video

See how John Muir partnered with Optum to enable a seamless consumer experience.

The Physician Liaison Outreach Playbook

The Optum Physician Liaison Outreach Playbook gives physician liaisons best practices, tools and templates for effective physician relationship-building.

Learning Network Annual Member Meeting 2021

Monday, September 20, 2021; 1 p.m. CT

Realize agility through a modern digital infrastructure

A Q&A on digital innovation and how it can help organizations deliver on business and patient care goals

Accelerate Performance & Deliver Value for Community Health

John Muir Health and Optum boost local health and wellness.

Five Insights to Manage Hospital Administrative Costs

In this Optum article, futurist Tom Koulopolous and John Muir Health's Chris Pass share five strategies to manage administrative costs and improve performance.

Health Care's Guide to Machine Learning

What you need to know about AI's latest buzzword.

"Health plan executives look forward" study and more

Explore top challenges and priorities for health plan leaders as they navigate unprecedented change.

The patient clinical experience

Why we need to start talking about this.

Financial Sustainability For Health Systems

As trusted partners experienced in health care, Optum Advisory Services can help you recover and protect future margins systemwide.

HIMSS and Optum talk EHR strategies

Dr. John Kontor of Optum shares how EHR strategies provide numerous opportunities to improve and change health care.

How and why to scale HCC risk capture

Learn about the importance of accurate HCC documentation.

Meeting consumers on their terms

Learn how relationships between consumers and health organizations are transforming.

Using Health Data to Predict the Next Wave of COVID-19

By definition, a pandemic is a new disease outbreak. How do you predict its path without any historical data to rely on?

Taking the Blinders Off Cancer Through Immunotherapy

Webinar: Taking the Blinders Off Cancer Through Immunotherapy

The Path to 4+ Star Performance

Implications for 2023 Star Ratings

Improving Patient Access and Your Bottom Line

Helping physician groups solve for total patient engagement.

Your roadmap for driving growth

Use data and analytics to form your business development roadmap.

Natural language processing (NLP) and risk adjustment

We help to explain the role and benefits of NLP in risk adjustment programs.

Physician Outreach Toolkit

Scripting worksheets and template guide.

Explore five priorities to improve financial performance

Explore five priorities to improve financial performance

Overcoming challenges to managing costs in health care

A Q&A about opportunities to improve margin performance

The next step in risk adjustment strategy

Learn how to refine and improve strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Financing your EHR- Electronic Health Records

Health care leaders can forge new paths with EHR systems.

Driving Hospital and Health System Growth strategy

Explore a collection of best practices for health systems.

Request a demo

Request a demo

6 growth trends for patient-centric health care

Learn strategies you can use to differentiate your health system from your competitors.

Slowing the specialty pharmacy carve-out stampede

Study reveals costs for unrecognized kidney disease

Is poor market visibility compromising your growth?

How to understand your true growth potential.

Health leaders share IT transformation stories

Hear John Muir Health and Bassett Health’s observations on digital transformation, modernizing infrastructure and strategic automation.

The bedside research revolution

Optum Care Research and Innovation is an internal research support system that shows research is an integral part of care delivery.

Excela Health and Optum partner to serve the local community

This video discusses how Excela Health and Optum are working together to create financial sustainability and serve the local community.

Retaining talent through employee integration

Explore a strategic alignment to transition employees within the expectations and goals of Market Performance Partnerships.

Webinar: Trends and challenges in telehealth

Explore new ways of doing business that allow you to meet shifting customer expectations, workforce challenges and emerging business goals.

Boulder Community Health and Optum

Optum partnership insights and strategies enable near- and long-term success for provider organizations.

Using Your EHR to Accelerate Digital Health

Explore how a thoughtful approach to EHR can impact the health care digital journey and help an organization achieve its business goals.

Digital Front Door Strategy Improves Patient Experience

Discover how a digital patient engagement strategy can provide easier access, reduce cancellations, and enhance front-end collections.

New indicators of growth

Learn how to measure the success of consumer relationships in today's market.

Cost optimization strategies to restore financial health

Watch the webinar for insights on disruptive market forces, the health care economy, cost-management efforts and managing operating costs.

Strategic Growth for Health Systems

This webinar covers topics surrounding disruptive market forces, workforce strategy, competitors growing within the industry and finance.

How Excela Health Is Tackling Costs

See how Excela Health saw an area of opportunity in their revenue cycle and partnered with Optum for immediate impact and long-term value.

Driving a frictionless digital patient experience

Watch the webinar to learn how to reduce friction points impacting the digital journey and preventing patients from getting in the door.

Cost optimization strategies to restore financial health

Watch the webinar for insights on disruptive market forces, the health care economy, cost-management efforts and managing operating costs.

Who are the patients in your market?

Get a complimentary custom market assessment to identify high-value patients and vulnerable populations to build meaningful engagements.

Clinical intelligence: The smartest revenue cycle investment

Our white paper shows how investing in smart technologies supports the revenue cycle from patient registration through full reimbursement.

Leverage AI-powered CDI and coding

CDI programs are expanding to support risk adjustment initiatives. Integrated CDI technologies are needed to support revenue and integrity.

Volume 2: Revenue performance for better financial health

Read the white paper for strategies on achieving proper levels of reimbursement, writing off bad debt, and expanding into new service areas.

Executive series: Health Care Workforce Crisis

Get strategy, insight and resources to create an enterprise-wide health care workforce strategy.