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Gain Greater Insights Through Clinicogenomics

Better understand diseases and drug development opportunities.

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The power to innovate

Genomic data can help us power next-generation health care with better insights into disease and novel drug development. But such data-driven innovation is not without its challenges. Collecting, analyzing and storing genomic data requires considerable resources and investment.

Recruitment efforts are broad and do not target areas of high unmet need. Data quality and depth is often inconsistent as access to linked genomic and clinical data is difficult to obtain.

Optum offers life sciences organizations a robust genomics solution that streamlines drug discovery, development and commercialization for faster speed to market.

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Patient access

Target highly characterized cohorts and support your pipeline of specific recruitment needs through access to large-scale, diverse patient populations.

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Genomic data

Ignite discovery with confidence using consistently high-quality whole exome sequence (WES) and whole genome sequence (WGS) data. 

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Linking phenotypic data

Decrease time to market through linked genomic and phenotypic data that provide a complete picture of the patient.


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Domain expertise

Mitigate the risk of conducting research and increase scale by leveraging our team of genomic and technology experts.

See how Optum clinicogenomics can help fuel your next discovery.