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Insights for state government agencies

Explore our latest insights on emerging topics in government health programs.

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Bots are a game changer for Medicaid

How robotic process automation (RPA) is improving health care

RPA is helping state Medicaid programs improve workflow and accuracy. The result is lower costs and faster delivery of benefits.

Featured insights

Speed up the claims process with AI

Read about our Claims Automated Rules Engine (CARE).

Call centers and AI technology

Transform state contact centers into 24/7 problem solvers.

Targeted care. Lower costs.

One state achieved both aims in delivering home health services.

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Regulatory developments in pharmacy 2022, 2023

We discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, the drug pricing executive order and other federal and state regulations passed in 2022. We also look ahead to 2023.

4 new drugs to watch this year

Breakthrough treatments for menopause, Alzheimer's and hemophilia are coming.

A better path to managing specialty

Learn the actions you can take today to better manage spend and trend while finding the right care for those who need it most

Reality check: New drugs will cost more

The trend toward complex biologic drugs continues.

Make your pharmacy benefit plan work better

4 key questions you should be asking.

Inflammatory conditions: Trends, pipeline, management strategies

Hear leaders discuss trends for inflammatory conditions and gain insights on how the market is changing with a deep dive on pipeline, biosimilars, and care management strategies.

Fighting Fraud in Pharmacy

Explore emerging trends and strategies to combat schemes.

Celebrating American Pharmacists Month

Hear from 5 pharmacists on how they’re advancing patient care.

New rules to watch: Summer 2022

How the work of national and local lawmakers will impact you.

Breaking through vaccine fatigue: Top 4 reasons to get yours

New flu and Covid bugs are coming. Time to boost your immunity.

5 approaches to address prescription affordability

Watch our On-Demand webinar to learn about 5 key solutions designed to attack the affordability challenges your members face head on.

Pharmacy Insights Podcast

Listen to our resident experts discuss critical industry challenges and the solutions you need to control rising drug costs.

Keeping your data secure is mission critical

See how we help prevent costly, disruptive cyberattacks.

3 new drugs to watch this fall

As the year begins to close, we highlight three essential pipeline drugs with an expected U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decision this fall.

8 ways to make drugs more affordable

Discover what plan sponsors need to know.

Is your pharmacy benefit manager delivering value?

4 key questions you should be asking.

Fighting fraud

How one plan sponsor recovered $315,000 in six months.

3 ways to deal with escalating drug costs

Innovations custom built for today’s specialty challenges.

Fighting the tide of opioid overdose

The rate of drug overdose death involving opioids has spiked. See how Optum is the first in the industry to demonstrate expertise in opioid management.

4 key forces shaping the future of pharmacy

These emerging trends will help define the road ahead.

Building new possibilities for infusion care

How we are exceeding the evolving needs of the home parenteral nutrition market

Biosimilars explained: 5 questions you’ve been asking

Get prepared for more biosimilars to come to market.

A seamless pharmacy benefit change?

We guarantee it. And it's easier than you think.

Will these 4 new drugs re-shape the market?

Get the latest in this quarter’s Drug Pipeline Insights Report.

Four myths: Carving out specialty pharmacy

Integrating specialty pharmacy means better care, lower costs.

Drug pricing spotlight: Wound care

Combat against brand name products costing 125 times more.

Smart formulary management

Developing and managing formularies that bring clinical and financial value

Case study: 5/5 satisfaction on implementation

OptumRx earns 100% implementation score from City of Toledo

Indiana HHS values insightful analytics

Optum helps improve program outcomes and cost control.

Creating connections through partnerships

Hear from an Optum Rx client on how we're partnering together for everyone we serve.

Case Study: Advanced Pharmacy Audit Services

How a health plan saved more than $1 million

Increasing Value Through Higher Volume

Improve revenue integrity by expanding admission reviews.

Understanding the health care needs of Veterans

Ethnographic research conducted to help address Veterans' needs across the health care system.

3 ways CRISPR will change the drug world

Pharmaceutical industry finding novel uses for gene editing tools

Technology Helps Reduce Barriers to Tobacco Cessation

Learn about the growing change in tobacco cessation.

Opioid Use Disorder & The Medicaid Population

See how OID impacts the Medicaid population.

MMIS Game-Changer: Collaborative Contracting

NASPO ValuePoint helps states streamline procurement.

OPA for HHS: See how it works

Accelerate your state's efforts to address health inequity.

Newest regulations impacting pharmacy

View the recent activity at both the state and federal level.

Innovations in Health Monitoring, Care Management & Support

Linking health care and public health data improves care management, clinical care, and public health reporting and monitoring.

Connect with Optum at MESC 2021 in Boston, Aug. 9-12

Get a demo of the technologies that enable better health care outcomes, attend our informative speaker sessions and take part in a charitable giving activity.

Optum Claims Processing Master Agreement

We deliver claims administration through NASPO ValuePoint.

NASPO ValuePoint Helps States Streamline MMIS Procurements

Streamline MMIS procurements through cooperative purchasing.

The American Rescue Plan and public health

ARP is an opportunity for state governments to improve public health through investment, infrastructure and innovation.

Controlling the unprecedented costs of gene therapies

See how you can leverage cost benefits from gene therapy.

Hemophilia: Extremely rare, extremely expensive

Better management strategies and new treatments emerge

Managing diabetes gains an 8:1 return on investment

Learn how a third-party administrator’s client improved health outcomes and lowered costs.

How to eliminate prescription waste

Achieve savings by targeting expensive, low-value drugs.

Optum Rx customer obsession video

How one Optum Rx employee made the system work better for everyone

How to manage medication overload

Hear from a leader's perspective on how to manage polypharmacy.

When the world turns upside down

Moving forward with implementations amid COVID-19

Don't Pay 5000% More for Commonly Available Generic Drugs

This widespread practice costs plans millions.

Will Diabetes Drugs Help Us Tackle Obesity?

Discover four things to know about new uses of GLP-1 drugs.

How a client avoided $109M in pharmacy costs

View the Optum Rx Drug Pipeline Insights Report for 2022.

A new approach to rising specialty costs

See how contracting with medical providers can reduce drug costs

High-cost gene therapies

A comprehensive approach to the next generation of cures

The big picture on cancer

How high cost oncology drugs are changing specialty pharmacy.

Specialty drug prices giving you sticker shock?

See how Specialty Compass defuses exploding drug costs.

5 questions: Optum Rx chief pharmacy officer

Michael Einodshofer addresses the risks, challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

The dangers of polypharmacy

Millions of workers at risk due to overprescribed drugs

Industry trend to watch: Eczema

New treatment options could mean bigger costs.

How our medication packaging helps the planet

New packaging saves CO2, water, energy, and plastic waste.

4 steps to limit infusion drug costs

Specialty drugs account for over half of all drug spending

Making sense of copay cards

How copay cards can disrupt your benefit strategy

Rush to judgement?

An inside look at the FDA's prescription drug approval process.

A young patient’s hemophilia story

See how OptumRx helped change a patient’s life.

Personalized care: Focusing on the member

Hear from Optum Rx chief of operations, Jon Mahrt

Health Care Interoperability Solutions

Optum Interoperability and Patient Access Services can help your state comply with CMS' final rule. View our overview video to find out how.

Optum Health Care Interoperability & Patient Access Services

Our solution is fully developed and ready right now to help your state meet compliance.

How the pandemic has changed pharmacy care

Learn how COVID-19 has accelerated the rise of home and virtual care.

Reducing disparities in care and outcomes

Achieving health equity is a community-wide effort.

Redirecting Specialty Infusion Costs by Redirecting Site of Care

See how you can lower your plan costs by up to 52%.

The new model of personalized care

Predictive analytics improves user experience and outcomes.

Taking the pain out of prior authorization

How we are revamping the prescribing process

Shipping sensitive medications

See how medications are protected in transit.

Rare diseases, large costs

The rise in orphan drugs is offering hope

Which Rules Will Impact Pharmacy in 2023?

2023 is already a busy year for pharmacy regulation. Read about the latest regulations that could impact you and your pharmacy benefit plan.

Support state Medicaid agency goals for members

Find out how a person-centered approach can help.

Unlocking the promise of personal medicine

See how a peek at your genes enables more precise prescribing.

Creating better behavioral health care

We help people find care and support that’s easy to understand and access.

Helping members achieve their goals

See how the right mental health care makes a difference.

Optum Quit Services

Discover the difference of an evidence-based program that offers a truly personalized approach and blends technology with a human touch.

Gene therapy: Big potential, big prices

New strategies needed as revolutionary but costly therapies emerge.

Modernizing the Medicaid Experience | Optum

How can states and providers use modularity to modernize? Dustin Haisler at GovTech.com interviews Optum product leaders for insights.

Case study: Strategic formulary changes

How a third-party administrator helped clients save $6.49 PMPM.

5 questions: Premium Value formulary

Hear from OptumRx SVP of clinical & formulary services

Arkansas' New Approach to Medicaid Management

See how data and analytics help Arkansas manage one of the state's most vital and widely used government programs.

4 more psoriasis drugs on the way

Psoriasis costs up 40% in 5 years. Will these drugs help?

How to control drug costs without compromising care

Explore three principles driving better pharmacy benefit decisions.

Advancing the Frontier of Precision Medicine

The future of guided prescribing is here.

Healthier Outcomes for Moms and Babies Through Data

By reaching out to women earlier in pregnancy, one state is supporting moms and babies and creating healthier outcomes for both with help from Optum.

Addressing pharmacy issues that matter to you

From specialty pharmacy to drug affordability, our experts tackle your biggest pharmacy challenges.

3 new first-in-class therapies coming

See how innovation is driving the latest product development.

Specialty and Weight Loss Webinar

Hear how weight loss drugs are shaping traditional and specialty spend.

Modernizing the Medicaid experience

Read our 9 key takeaways for states to modernize the provider management experience.

New mandatory CMS reporting rules will impact states

To meet the requirements, states should consider focusing on five key areas.

GLP-1 agonists: A new class of weight loss medications

In this conversation, discover how new weight loss drugs like Wegovy are changing obesity management and their connection to diabetes.

Biosimilars to save billions in this decade

Prices for popular brand-name biologics drop up to 60% with generic-equivalent biosimilars.

Empowering clients with more choice and transparency

Helping make prescription drugs more affordable for plan sponsors and the members we serve is a universal focus.

Orphan drugs market: Can we afford them?

We examine key questions around orphan drugs such as why they're so expensive, how they're being used and what plan sponsors should do next.